We are excited to announce we are now offering ThermoWave Therapy, the most advanced treatment for many life altering conditions that effect our pets. A breakthrough therapy that reduces pain and inflammation, ThermoWave Therapy works differently than lasers and ultrasound. It creates heat deep under the skins surface that “supercharges” the body’s natural healing process without any risk of damage to healthy tissue.

“We finally have an effective treatment for arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, as well as disk problems and more that have a real impact on the animals quality of life.”

ThermoWave Therapy uses a comfortable, flexible treatment pad that delivers energy to heat deep into damaged tissues. The body responds by sending 1500% more blood flow to the area, bringing oxygen and nutrients for healing. It increases permeability of the damaged cell wall to quickly extract and flush away excess fluids, toxins, residual waste, and free radicals. This treatment works faster and deeper without any harm to healthy cells unlike current treatments.

Treatment sessions are usually twenty minutes, depending on the severity and condition. The standard prescription is six treatments within two weeks, many patients have made significant improvement in their comfort level and are returning to their daily activities with extended range of motion and renewed zest ! We will be offering an introductory rate and package deals! Please visit the website or call for more details.